Acer Unveils Eco-Conscious Aspire Vero 16 Laptop Amid COP 28, Reinforces Sustainability Commitments

Acer Unveils Eco-Conscious Aspire Vero 16 Laptop Amid COP 28, Reinforces Sustainability Commitments

With the world’s focus laser-focused on climate change solutions at COP 28, Acer offered a well-timed announcement: a new eco-conscious laptop plus expanded sustainability commitments.

Speaking in Dubai alongside global leaders, Acer COO Jerry Kao unveiled the company’s “conscious technology” initiative for greener products and net-zero emissions by 2050. He also revealed Project Humanity, a collaboration with Microsoft and Intel to tackle environmental issues using tech.

It was fitting backdrop for Acer’s latest sustainable laptop – the Aspire Vero 16. As with Acer’s existing Vero range, the 16 touts impressive green credentials. Its chassis contains over 60% recycled ocean-bound plastic. The production process also eliminates volatile compounds, paints and surface additives.

Acer CEO Jason Chen called sustainability “the greatest threat to humanity” in his keynote. The company aims for 100% renewable energy by 2035 by partnering with green shipping firms too.

The Aspire Vero 16 itself flaunts 12th Gen Intel processors for improved efficiency alongside battery software with Eco+ modes. Easy repairability and upgradability also minimize waste – standard screws enable user self-repair, no proprietary tools needed.

This ethos contrasts Apple’s trend of difficult to fix, irreparable product design, which Chen agreed afterwards is detrimentally anti-Earth.

Essentially, Acer centered COP 28 conversations around tangible environmental progress the tech industry can drive now, setting laudable examples. More Aspire Vero 16 details land at CES 2023, but Acer has already dealt significant tough questions for rivals with wasteful, harmful manufacturing strategies.

Climate action requires participation at every level. So ahead of the next vague government emissions target, Acer offered genuine, material commitments. If its conscious technology vision manifests across the industry, greener tech and business evolution could become self-propelling.