A Spotify study suggests a $19.99 ‘Platinum’ package with HiFi streaming

Is Spotify’s long-awaited HiFi streaming tier finally on the way? A poll sent to at least one customer implies that the firm hasn’t forgotten about it, and HiFi might be included in a new, more costly “Platinum” plan with additional benefits.

A former Spotify subscriber uploaded photos of a survey they were recently requested to do on Reddit. Based on the new plan levels, the questionnaire inquired whether they would rejoin or switch to the service. The typical free and individual choices are offered, but the poll also cites a $19.99 Platinum tier that would carry over the standard paid advantages while also providing HiFi and other features like Studio Sound, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro, and Playlist Pro. The new approach would also restrict ad interruptions for Spotify’s original podcast collection.

The poll revealed various variations in the Platinum strategy. It also includes access to audiobooks, which Spotify started offering in September, in one example. That hypothetical idea raised the price much higher.

Spotify HiFi was first announced in February 2021, with the business claiming it will be available by the end of the year. That never occurred, and Spotify has been deafeningly silent on the status of the function ever since, refusing to offer any substantive updates.

Meanwhile, Apple has added lossless and high-resolution audio to Apple Music at no additional cost. Some feel that Spotify was taken off guard by this decision — it’s possible that the firm had anticipated charging more for premium sound — and that HiFi was postponed as a result. The survey’s suggestion of separating HiFi into a more expensive package would lend credence to that argument. Amazon Music’s regular membership plan now offers lossless streaming.