A Pokemon themed Galaxy Buds case has made an appearance

A Pokemon themed Galaxy Buds case has made an appearance

In South Korea, Samsung has introduced a Pokémon-themed pokéball case for its Galaxy Buds true wireless earphones. It’s the ideal accessory for anyone who would rather have a charging case that looks cool as heck than one that fits comfortably in their pocket. According to reports, the case is a limited edition and only available in South Korea, where it costs 134,000 won (about $105).

Samsung’s pokéball does not appear to be charging its earbuds directly, unlike a very comparable wireless earbud charging case announced by Razer in 2020. Instead, you’ll stuff the usual charging case for your Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Galaxy Buds Live (called the Galaxy Beans) into the pokéball, where it’ll be ready to use in the middle of a battle. Samsung offers a Pokémon-themed sticker with an attachment, which you can use to decorate your charging case.

It’s unclear whether the poké ball will be released outside of South Korea.

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