A new, more affordable series is included in Samsung's extended OLED TV offering

A new, more affordable series is included in Samsung’s extended OLED TV offering

Finally, Samsung is providing more than one OLED TV series. The business is extending its Quantum Dot OLED line to include the more reasonably priced S90C series. (pictured above). You won’t get the external connection box or near-flush wall mounting of the S95C, so you’ll have to make do with a scaled-down version of object-tracking sound. A vivid QD-OLED image, AI-based HDR mapping, Dolby Atmos audio, and compatibility with Samsung soundbars are all still included.

A 55-inch variant of the S90C costs $1,899, and a 77-inch model costs $3,599. “Coming soon” is a 65-inch set. Conveniently, those costs are the same as what LG is asking for comparable C3 TVs, demonstrating Samsung’s desire to surpass its primary rival despite the fact that it still does not support Dolby Vision HDR.

If you’re willing to pay more on the S95C, you’ll also have more choices. Samsung is also including more affordable 55-inch ($2,499) and 65-inch ($3,299) displays in addition to the $4,499 77-inch one that is already available. Although they are more expensive than models from previous year, they are comparable to those of LG’s G3 line. For compatible PC games, Samsung promises a significantly brighter 2,000-nit output and a 144Hz frame rate.

Today’s release of the S90C and S95C is simultaneous. It’s too early to determine which OLED TV family from Samsung or LG is superior this year, but it might come down to features like Dolby Vision support or a brighter image. But it’s safe to say that after years of shunning OLED TVs, Samsung is now wholly committed to the technology. The increased competition can be advantageous if it results in aggressive feature and price upgrades.

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