10 Android Settings to Enhance Security

10 Android Settings to Enhance Security

Have you ever wondered why viruses and malware are such a rare occurrence on Android? Yes, a big bad virus scare will circulate the internet every once in a while, but does it really happen that often? 

Self-replicating, PC-like malware is extremely rare on Android, and most security breaches come from (oh the surprise) human error. 

The truth is, this Linux-based smartphone OS comes pre-packed with layers of protection. Some are on by default, some aren’t, and some great security features can be pretty easy to miss.

So let’s talk about them!

1. Permission Manager

No matter if you are getting a new phone or you want to enhance the security of your current one – app permission manager should be your first stop. What’s more, you should revisit this setting every once in a while if you want it to reach its full potential. This security feature gives you a clear overview of the permissions all the apps on your phone have.