In today’s 24/7 digital world, we rely on our mobile devices more and more to access the Internet, find information, and connect with friends and family.  With this increased use, it’s critical that we know how to be good digital citizens, how to manage our online reputations, and how to make personal safety a priority on a mobile device. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day on February 11th, Yahoo is offering tips for mobile and Internet safety:


Top Tips

  • Think before you share a thought or photo. Imagine your grandmother, employer, or teacher receiving it. Is what you’re sending suitable for anyone to see?
  • Protect your personal information. When you send email, texts, photos, or instant messages to people who are not trusted friends or family, don’t give out personal information they could use either to find your physical location or to exploit you.
  • Control negativity. Think carefully about whom to communicate with and whom to ignore. Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger let you block people. If you receive abusive or harassing messages online, report the abuse where and when you see it.
  • Use Safe Search. Yahoo!’s default Safe Search filter helps keep inappropriate content out of your search results. No filter can guarantee 100 percent removal of inappropriate content, but a filter like Safe Search will make a big difference in keeping unwanted content out of your search results.
  • Download applications only from trusted sources. When downloading software from third parties, be sure it’s only from developers you trust. Read their terms of service and privacy policies to really understand what permissions you’re giving them when you download their apps.
  • Never text while driving. You put your life and the lives of others in danger when you try to read, type, and drive at the same time. Texting and driving is illegal in some countries.