SkullCandy, the original performance and lifestyle audio brand, continues to deliver on their promise of consumer-centric innovation with the latest addition to their headphone line: the Grind. Developed, tuned, and tested at SkullCandy headquarters in Park City, the new Grind features a simple yet iconic design. SkullCandy’s in-house product development team engineered the headphone to focus on the critical areas: high-end drivers for amazing audio quality and premium materials for unrivaled comfort. Starting at AED 235, Grind delivers everything you would expect from a premium headphone, without the premium price tag: lightweight and durable metal headband construction; plush foam ear pads that deliver hours of wear time; convenient on-ear TapTech™, giving the user full call and track control with the simple push of a button; and of course, our attacking bass, natural vocals, and precision highs pumped through the powerful custom-tuned REX40™ driver. With simple design, premium materials, and the biggest sound, the SkullCandy Grind feels like a true upgrade.

Skullcandy Grind
Skullcandy Grind

Initial Impression:

The headphone is comfortable and lightweight. Fits well on the ears though it is not a music cancellation but a music isolation headphone. The sound quality is really good, tested out by Loss-less format and MP3 format. The Bohemian Raphsody in lossless format gave clear audio and all the changes were recognizable. The bass output of the headphone was quite good. The second song was In Da Club by 50 cent in a 320 KBPS MP3 format. The bass was good and the clarity was good as well.

The next feature was the microphone and a button for pausing the music and receiving calls. The button was doing the job for which it was made but the microphone was not as responsive as expected to be. It would not be recommended to be used for phone calls due to the voice not being picked up. Also another good feature was that the aux cable is removable but it requires a certain size specification even though the jack is 3.5mm standard. Also to note is that there are 2 wires which run above the earpads have to be handled carefully while adjusting the size of the headphone.

Impression and Photographs done by : Rahul Stanley Baroi.