Turn your smartphone or tablet to a universal remote control

Turn your smartphone or tablet to a universal remote control

In case that you wonder what Logitech Harmony Link can do, you should know that this device creates a bridge which allows users to control their TVs and home theater systems with the help of any Android devices, iPods, iPads and iPhones. This device promises three important capabilities: network connectivity, multitouch control and ease of programming. But, in case that you want to find out how good Logitech actually is, you should read the entire review.


Turn your smartphone or tablet to a universal remote control


Hardware and Programming

The new Harmony Link is very small, fitting the palm of almost any hand. It provides one USB and two IR ports. Additionally, the device uses its WiFi capability in order to complete different configuration tasks. However, after we have studied this device, we realized that it is missing the support for the RS-232 port, which ensures the two-way control. Also, we have not been able to find any optional sensors for power and video-out that can confirm the “on” or “off” status of the device.


Turn your smartphone or tablet to a universal remote control


Setting up the Logitech Harmony is quite easy. And this is because it comes along with a very useful configuration wizard that delivers a great step-by-step guide. The wizard provides all the IR codes that you need, including those for Blu-ray player, Media Center, AVR and HDTV. The only thing that you must do is to plug the Logitech into any computing system via the USB port. Afterwards, you have to direct the browser towards the MyHarmony.com and respect the setup instructions.

Functionality and Utility

In order to be able to use any of your iPhone or iPad devices, you have to install the appropriate applications. As soon as you do this thing, you can observe that the interfaces of these applications are very easy to use. You must login to your MyHarmony.com account and select the activity that you intend to do, such as “Watch TV.”

After choosing a specific activity, you have to wait until the Logitech emits the required codes. If you have multiple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, they will stay in sync. This way, the only thing that you have to do is to switch the activities and wait for the devices to update their functions accordingly.


universal remote control


But, you should be aware of the fact that if you rush through the menu, you can encounter some long delays. Therefore, navigating the menus slowly is something that you must do if you want to give the systems enough time to update. Obviously, using the iPad to control your TV is a better idea than trying to operate the device from your iPhone. And this is simply because the screen of the iPad is larger than that of the iPhone.

A Few Final Thoughts 

Similar to other Logitech products, the hardware of the Logitech Harmony Link is also great. But, although the interface is very easy to use and runs quite satisfactory, the software should be a little bit more improved. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this device to those individuals who are searching for a perfect WiFi-to-IR bridge.

And this is mainly because although the device shows a quite high functionality level, it also highlights a few essential drawbacks, such as the lack of control on iPads and inability of customizing the button layout. Thus, if you are searching for the perfect WiFi-to-IR bridge, you should probably consider another option.


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