Top 5 Tech Products This Christmas

Top 5 Tech Products This Christmas

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Top 5 Tech Products This Christmas

October is already here and Christmas is just around the corner. Which means people are already busy making shopping lists and knocking off items from their wishlists. Christmas shopping can be a hectic, mind-numbing affair. To make your shopping easier, here is our list of the top five tech products to gift this winter:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The newest Kindle from Amazon is a reader’s delight. The stunning paperwhite display boasts the best resolution and contrast in the e-book reader market. It’s the best Kindle ever, according to Amazon itself. The Kindle has already gone on sale in the US and will hit Amazon’s UK store very soon, which should make it the top gifting choice for geeks and heavy readers everywhere.

Apple iPad 3

The iPad is the gold standard in the burgeoning tablet market. With its gorgeous Retina display, faster processor, and better camera, the iPad 3 is arguably the finest tablet on the market. It is a gaming device, an e-book reader, a web surfer, and an entertainment center all rolled into one. You really can’t go wrong with an Apple iPad 3 on your shopping list this Christmas.

Rumor is strong that Apple would come out with a ‘mini version of the iPad very soon. The iPad mini will be a smaller 7″ tablet, which should push it on the top of shopping lists this Christmas.

Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920 is said by many to be Nokia’s best phone ever, and one of the best smartphones to have ever been created. While the phone isn’t set to launch until the second week of November, you can be sure that it’ll be much wanted and desired once it hits the stores. Running the latest version of Windows Phone (WP8), the Nokia Lumia 920 boasts a powerful 1.5Ghz processor, best-in-class PureView camera, and a stunning ClearType screen.

Striv Smart Pedometer

Pedometers are a dime a dozen, but none of them are as smart and effective as the Striv Smart Pedometer. It not only calculates your steps, but also motivates you to exercise and walk more. The tiny pedometer has a beautiful touchscreen interface and comes with dozens of apps to compete with friends, share your fitness results and grab fitness/nutrition information from the web, making it the perfect tool to shed those Christmas calories.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes

Still struggling with your clunky TV and Blu-Ray player remotes? Get the Logitech Harmony range of universal remotes, and you can control virtually every electronic in your house with a single remote. The range starts from $29.99, and goes all the way up to $349.99 for a powerful universal remote with a LCD screen.