Top 5 noise cancelling headphones

Top 5 noise cancelling headphones

Noise is a very disturbing element especially when you are on the go and wants to have some private time of your own to read something or even to listen to music. You want to have nothing but the best commuting experience and using headphones that can cancel out the outside noise is your best weapon against unwanted sounds. Seeing that most of the commuters want to have such headphones which could reduce the external noise, many prominent headphone companies use ANC (Active Noise Cancelation) technology in which the microphone, used at the ear cups, is used to detect the external sound and then it sends out an opposite of that sound. This results in both the noises cancelling out each other thus producing no external noise.

There are many headphones out there in the market, which are quite famous among commuters due to their noise reduction technology. Here is a brief overview of five of them:

Digital silence DS-321D: if you are on a budget and yet want to buy a headphone with ANC then Digital silence DS-321D is your best. It is quite small as compared to other headphones, yet cancels out the external noise in a very effective way. Also, the sound quality is extremely clear and crisp thus giving you a great commuting experience.

Digital silence DS-321D

Sennheiser PXC 250-II: fourth on our list and a little towards higher pricing is Sennheiser PXC 250-II.  It’s quite light and compact and a perfect headphone for you to carry as it can be easily collapsed like your usual reading glasses. The bass of this headphone is quite decent when you take into consideration its compact size. The only irritating thing about this headphone is its bulky battery otherwise it’s a great headphone to cancel out noise.



Audio-Technica ANC70: Audio Technica ANC70 is at third spot in our list. This headphone is very light and is perfect for a longer journey. This headphone is good at reducing background noise but not so good when it comes to reduce the nearby chatters. There is a blue light whose illumination signals the activity of ANC. The audio quality is quite decent, which makes it a good headphone, overall.



Plantronics Backbeat Pro: this Bluetooth noise cancelling headphone is a clear winner in the list of top noise cancelling headphones. Its thick ear cups are very good in cancelling the chatter and other noises while its ANC cancels out other ambient noises very easily, thus making it one of the most sought after noise cancelling headphones.

BackBeat PRO

Bose QuietComfort 20: when it comes to the best noise cancelling headphone then nobody could even touch the Bose QuietComfort 20. As its name suggests, it works very well to quiet the surrounding noise and let you concentrate fully on the music. The only downside with this headphone is its fairly expensive pricing but the great noise reduction technology is totally worth the money. One of the great features of this headphone is that not only do it cancels the background noise but also the foreground noise as well.If you’re on a budget and want to know more, have a read through Hotrate’s article.