You have tour business idea, you have decided on your product or website, you know what you want to do and how to do it, now all you need is a logo. Sometimes you will spend more time deciding on the logo than the business itself.  This is acceptable, choosing your logo is like choosing the face of your company. But how do you go about choosing the design? Here are 5 tips to help you make a decision.



When choosing a logo design you have two options, simple or complex. Some believe that a complex design shows more richness, however others believe that a simpler design says a lot about your company. Depending on the intent for your logo and the media you will be using it on, you may find it more beneficial to have a simpler logo.


This should be the easiest part of choosing your logo. If you already have a web design picked out your logo should complement your site rather than contrast.   This will allow for easy placement on your site as well as recognition elsewhere. In times where your audience only sees the logo, they will be able to easily associate it with your site.


This may be the most important attribute of you logo design. With so many uses for your logo you will want to assure it is scalable to accommodate those uses. As images are increased or decreased in size, they tend to lose image quality and detail. The image becomes pixellated and unrecognizable when scaled larger or smaller. In order to use your logo for a variety of marketing purposes you will need to assure your logo is saved in the proper format (.bmp or .png work well) and the design isn’t too detail rich that it loses appeal at a smaller size.


When choosing a logo, relevancy is as important as the design attributes. You want a logo that speaks volumes about your company or website. Having a logo that doesn’t reflect what you are about will cause confusion and will be unrecognizable. The point of a logo is to have an image that represents your company without use of words. If you have to tell them that it is your logo, then your logo is a failure.

Be sure to choose a design that doesn’t just look cool, but also has something to do with your company image, name, or product. This is how branding is created, through the many resources that remind your audience of your company.


A good logo design is appealing to your audience. If you are a skateboard company trying to reach the skating youth, you will want your design to be edgy, alternative, and appealing to the hard rocking teens you sell to. The design is a feeling as well as a look. You want your customers to relate to you, your product, or your website. Without appeal your logo is just another image lost in the background of your advertising.


A lot of consideration goes into a good logo design. Work closely with your graphic artist to assure you get a design that is not only fresh and exciting but also relevant and meaningful. Inspire your audience with a great logo and you will reap the rewards of increased traffic, more sales, or effortless branding.




Author profile :In a competitive market, social media messages are flooding in from all directions. How do you get noticed? Avery Petersen, a marketing consultant, uses to design logos that stand out in a crowd.