Sony Unveils Worlds Lightest 13.3 inch Ultrabook VAIO Pro 13/11 and VAIO Duo 13

Sony Unveils Worlds Lightest 13.3 inch Ultrabook VAIO Pro 13/11 and VAIO Duo 13


VAIO Duo 13

VAIO® Duo 13 is a slider hybrid Ultrabook™ that provides a unique form as well as accurate and nifty pen solutions.  VAIO® Duo 13’s unique Surf Slider™ design allows for a smooth transition between slate and keyboard modes. Sliding the screen back while in slate mode reveals a keyboard and a touch pad and returning it to its original position puts the VAIO® Duo 13 back in slate mode, favouring touch and pen manipulation. The slate mode allows users to easily operate VAIO® Duo 13 by touch or with its digitizer stylus, whilst the keyboard mode perfectly accommodates conventional PC usage. The convenience of slate mode combined with the efficiency of keyboard mode creates a vastly improved PC experience. In addition to its multiple benefits, VAIO® Duo 13 is active even during sleep and offers prolonged battery life.


Integrated Sony Technology

VAIO® Duo 13’s innovative standby technology offers several advantages. For instance, VAIO® Duo 13’s constant connection to the internet, even while in sleep mode, gives it the ability to continue updating applications and receiving emails when on sleep mode. What’s more, VAIO® Duo 13’s ability to wake from sleep mode in less than one second eliminates the need to wait for the PC to resume.

Nevertheless, the most incredible part of this technology is that VAIO® Duo 13 has the ability to provide these benefits without compromising on battery life. In fact, VAIO® Duo 13 has the longest battery life compared to any Ultrabook™.

Camera and Pen Solutions

VAIO® Duo 13’s 8-megapixel built-in rear camera featuring the “Exmor RS for PC” image sensor has made it possible, for the first time, to take images of documents clear enough for the computer to recognize and tag text. This ability, combined with the ‘CamScanner’ application, allows the VAIO® Duo 13 to be used as a scanner for snapping, tagging and saving pictures of documents with ease. “CamScanner” also has the ability to straighten images of documents and photos taken at odd angles, allowing individuals to focus on shooting photos of important material instead of lining up the perfect shot.