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Are social Networking Sites Replacing Real Life Socialising?

There is a statement by famous sociologist Emile Durkheim that “Man cannot live without attachment to some object which transcends and survives him”. Man needs a social networking life. He needs a network where he can share his thoughts, feelings etc. Today’s life is so busy that people even don’t get time to say hello to their neighbors. Everybody is busy with their own lifestyle.

Nowadays, social networking has become online rather than offline. People are more interested to communicate online rather than visiting their places. People feel happy to receive an email rather than hearing a human voice or meeting face to face. It feels are if real relationships are under threat.

Are social Networking Sites Replacing Real Life Socialising?

In a research it is shown that 46% of people spend 3-4 hours browsing through other people’s profile pages on various social networking sites. These types of people get disconnected from the real world and get absorbed into the virtual world. People like to know someone without actually knowing them and one can easily find people with similar interests.

Most of the people find this way more convenient than finding friends in real world and they start living in the virtual world rather than living in the real world with real people. Now people don’t get bored even if they don’t have friends or relationships in real life. They can just start the internet and start communicating with the online friends.


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There are many social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + etc.  The social networking groups made it easier for people to interact. One can even communicate in video chats and feel the presence of their friends. People started forgetting all the variables that come in the real world and started to interact in the social networking world.

The social networking sites are improving the communication skills of people which results in personality development. People who can’t speak fluently in their real world are also communicating well in the online world.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of these social networking sites. The advantage of these networking sites is – people get connected with their friends easily even if they are far away from them. We can stay in touch with our friends and dear ones.

We can even share our pictures, videos etc. with our friends easily.  The main drawback of these social networking sites is – spending so much time in front of the system can make one’s world internalized, where people like to stick to the chairs rather than going out. This can result in serious health related problems. In a survey it is found that 60% of the people find social networking sites a waste of time.

The online network is so large that people get absorbed in the virtual world. There is no doubt that social networking sites are replacing real life socializing, but people should always remember that real life is always true and it is safe to have friends and well wishers in real life rather than in virtual world.

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