You already knew it ,each time you access Google latitude,Google maps, Orkut,Google plus or other Google web services which includes location sharing there is an option that always pops out other Google web services there is a option maps, or perhaps with a reminder would you like to share your location ? with an option to enable or disable the location sharing feature. While location based services are not rocket science anymore and it has nothing to do with GPS or geosynchronous satellites or say its not a rocket science since the location services used on web services like for eg; updating your status with current location are actually location database, which matches publicly broadcast information looking for wireless access points  that are close to a user’s phone/computer. or in short your Wifi router/modem  data is used to determine your location while accessing location based services.

So now you don’t want anyone to spy on your whereabouts and you are too scared to give out your location information citing privacy concerns Google has indeed has a solution to opt out of any location based services from Google by just renaming your SSID(wireless network name ) or the network you are using to access  the internet ,i.e if your network name is “YOYO365”  you need to add suffix “_nomap” to it as “YOYO365_nomap” will be your new SSID.

For starters and newbies here are the steps to get around.

  1. Open any browser with internet on : internet explorer/chrome/firefox etc.
  2. Type in in the address bar and press go or hit should get your routers page.
  3. Now rename your existing SSID/WIRELESS NETWORK NAME with a sufiix “_nomap” at the end.
  4. Save the new wireless network name
  5. You are done.