Must have iPad accessories :hipKey & Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Must have iPad accessories :hipKey & Zooka Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

There are endless features in your iPad and thousand other apps that can be downloaded to enhance the functionality of iPad add on accessories do add value to the iPad while some of them are a must have ,do check out the accessories we tested below.

Accessories for iPad

hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm –

There are some accessories which just add up to the value of the iPad. One such accessory is the hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm, which seems to be indispensable already. This one has loads of features added to it and once you start using this, you will realize how incomplete your iPad was without it. Even before you realize it will become part of your life

hipKey (1)

So, let’s dig into the features of hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm –

  • Keeps track of your iPad and other valuables
  • Keeps track of your child too when he wanders away far from you
  • Alerts you when someone messes with your iPad
  • Locates your phone quickly for you
  • Reminds you to carry your phone along with you

You already got an overview on what the hipKey can do when you attach with the device you want it to take care off. If you think you are most likely to forget your iPad then attach it with your phone else you can also attach it with other valuables too and it will take good care of your assets. It will also babysit for you as its alarm system will inform you when your child moves far from you when you are busy doing some other job.

hipKey (3)

The highlights of this accessory are many but just pointing out some of them over here –

  • It can cover a maximum range of around 50 meters
  • It has loud alarm and clear vibration indications
  • Motion detection
  • Rechargeable battery and lasts for almost 2 – 4 between charging
  • Wonderful Aluminum design with long-lasting and adaptable key hanger
  • It will fit into your pocket or even in your palm

When you have so many distinct features which not only protect your phone from getting tampered by someone else but also protect your other valuables including your loved ones, can you ask for more? No need to worry about your priceless assets as hipKey is there by your side to keep you safeguarded.