#London riots now most searched on social media sites.

YouTube blog reports “London riots” has been the relative #1 rising search overall globally on YouTube after series of riots hit prominent cities in England and still continued today that’s Day 5 of riots and looting. Tweets also dominated London riots with #Operationcleanup #londonriots #UKriots #riotshappeningagain #prayforlondon hashtags dominating the twitter feed.

Once again Social media has gone a buzz with every support and volunteers joining hands and ready for cleaning the mess on London streets.There has been huge trend in user generated videos being uploaded on Youtube website and contributing to the unfolding events on the streets of London continues to rise on YouTube.

The most-viewed video in the UK the past few days with over 1.5 million views is this clip of a Malaysian student later identified as Mohd Asyraf Haziq being helped up then mugged by some rioters.


Top Videos of Riots trending now on YouTube.






Video Credits: Skynews.com,ITNnews.com