IGN Con 2015

IGN Con 2015

IGN Convention 2015 in Abu Dhabi was quite the hit with the gaming and tv show community in the UAE. Two days of fun filled activities and meet and greet with some international celebrities really set the tone this year. Although its still far off from being a a type of event that people witness in the USA and European countries, there is no taking away the fact that this was a good event.

People of all ages showed up and engaged in a host of activities ranging from Cosplaying their favorite characters to enjoying some table-top games which was a small part of a large draw to win goodies. Tweeting, Hash-tagging and check-ins were on a roll since there was a competition that a list of 8 things were required to be done to get a chance to win goodies.

Apart from that we have the HTC VIVE demo for the public and the media and after trying it out personally that was one unforgettable experience. There was even Just Dance for people to try their luck on and also a few stalls were set up to sell artworks and other similar material at various prices.

Moving on to the main attraction which was a international panel of Jack Gleeson (GoT fans went wild), Dave Fennoy( Lee Everett from Walking Dead game by Telltale Games) and Adam Harrington( Bigby Wolf again from Telltale games), along with Nadia Sk ( Cosplayed as Assassins Creed on Day 1). Also joined in was Naomi Kyle who is Actor & host of IGN’s The Daily Fix.