HTC is giving its Smartphones a facelift under the brand “one” series of android Smartphones and luckily I got hands on with this Smartphone during the HTC one x launch event .

HTC one X the beautiful monster with loaded features [Review]


Form Factor:

Early impression with this Smartphone is its slim form factor of 8.9mm thickness compared to 9.3mm thickness of iPhone 4s and also its lighter by 10g inclusive of the battery and its curved edges makes it an eye candy device to watch.

HTC one X the beautiful monster with loaded features [Review]

Display: One x comes with an impressive 4.7 inch with a resolution (1280×720 resolution ) Amoled screen (, I’m still struggling to find fault with it ) and comparable to the retina display of the new iPad and iPhone 4s and not to mention the screen is made with gorilla glass making it scratch resistant .

HTC one X the beautiful monster with loaded features [Review]



Of the few pictures that I took in the dark auditorium with the HTC One x the camera is very impressive much better than the HTC sensation XL series thanks to its improved f2. 0 aperture (for non geeks it means more light pass through the lens so better the picture) and better low light capture sensor for bringing in the impressive images even in the dark. Oh yes its 8 megapixel camera.

HTC one X the beautiful monster with loaded features [Review]
comparison of HTC one x vs iPhone 4s

CPU speed:  The 1.4 quad core processor (Nvidia Tegra 3 processor is the monster I was talking about in the title ) makes your HTC One x runs faster with no lag while using the touch interface or the apps.

Connectivity: The media link HD connects is so simple to connect to your High definition television all you need is to swipe 3 fingers on your phone screen to view it via a media link on your HDTV there you go Convert your regular HD TV into a Smart TV using the media link cable and its amazingly impressive clarity while connected wirelessly.

Sound : As expected with the HTC phones you are bound to get the beats audio as HTC owns 51 percent of Beats Sense 4.0 makes Beats processing compatible with any audio related apps including games there is a catch you won’t get the Beats headset here .

beats audio enhanced

Battery life:

As per HTC team the battery life runs to less than 2 days for an average user with wifi, Bluetooth and sync enabled.Which is pretty decent compared to other smart phones available in the market now.


One x comes with 32GB HDD plus with a cloud storage with a drop box account with a 25GB (not a typo you heard it right) for 2 years with 50% discount thereafter.


It’s the new Android 4.0 aka ice cream sandwich with sense 4.0 with a redesigned home screen dock, which dispenses of the silly Personalize buttons , Sense 4.0 supports  Beats processing compatible with any audio apps which the earlier versions lacked making beats audio compatibility with games, other music player appears.

HTC one X the beautiful monster with loaded features [Review]

Support: Going forward, HTC devices will have a “LogMeIn Rescue applet” installed (that is, if the device’s carrier gives them their blessing) that will allow their HTC tech support to remotely access and diagnose a smartphones particular woe. (still awaiting more information )


This monster is cheaper than I thought as it comes in 2499 AED yes cheaper than iPhone 4s and bundled with headset and charger and the USB cable.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for the best android Smartphone right now this is it , music lovers the downside is no Beats headset provided by the bundle you need to buy an extra accessory for that.

Download the complete tech specification of HTC One x here.