[Guide] How to Uninstall OMACP Android Malware From Your Mobile

If you are not a tech guy then you must be thinking what is OMACP Android virus? and why there is a sudden hike about it on tech forums. There are different types of adware and malwares that affects your system like Gamezook and My cool savings but My Safe Savings adware got boost as this was the malware that ejects ads onto your system. We are going to cover all possible query about OMACP and it’s different Removal Guides on Samsung and VIVO mobile phones. If you want this malware to be removed from your smartphone permanently then follow our indepth guide.

What is OMACP?

There are a million types of viruses and malwares that you can find out in today’s digital world. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do to combat the powerful virus or malware that’s also found in your Android phone. OMACP is one of those malicious programmes that stays in your phone and slowly eats mobile data every day, carries out illegal network activities, and may monitor your moments, storing your sensitive data and taking up phone space.

Android SIM configuration tool OMACP was previously used by MediaTek, and it may be included as bloatware on certain devices; however, recently, consumers have been receiving Omacp malware from various internet sources. As a result, android officials have allocated resources to solve the security problem in Android that seems to be of such severity.

omacp android malware


What is OMACP Android App?

OMACP Android app is an application that was developed by Mediatech for the configuration of sims on android devices. In later phases, it was discovered that devices are infected with the virus due to the OMACP app, and necessary steps were taken to prevent it.

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Is OMACP Malware?

The big question that arises here is whether OMACP is malware or any other kind of virus? OMACP is a malicious android virus that just might wreck your device’s functionality. If you really want to find out if your Android smartphone has been infected with the Omacp virus, you’ll need to look through your messaging app.

Reason Behind OMACP Virus on Android

OMACP Android comes with several Android devices preloaded as a MediTek component. You can discover the pre-installed OMACP tool in various top Android devices, like Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, LG, and more. OMACP may infect your phone when you’re on the web browsing certain torrent websites, watching free movies, or downloading applications.

Occasionally, the Android virus may be transmitted by installing applications from 3rd party AppStores, installing a crack/patch for an Android app, or visiting 18+ or games or casino sites. Additionally, your Android device can potentially become infected with the OMACP virus by accessing questionable links that your friends or enemies may have shared via mail or even in your SPAM folder. These were some common reasons that can lead to the development of the OMACP virus on your Android devices.

Signs Which Shows the Presence of OMACP Virus on Android Device

Are you concerned that your Android phone is impacted by OMACP? Unfortunately, it is not simple to learn about OMACP viruses on your Android or any other malwares or viruses. To determine if your Android phone has a virus, you need to look for irregularities in your device’s operation.

In actuality, it is rather difficult to identify the first phase of the OMCAP virus. However, when it has already damaged the storage or other features of your android device, you are likely aware of the virus. OMACP is a malicious android virus that might wreck your device’s functionality.

If you really want to find out if your Android smartphone has been infected with the OMACP virus, you’ll need to go through your messaging app. It is often discovered that a mobile device’s messaging app might take up a lot of space when it’s been infected by an android virus. When you discover that your messaging software is taking up 1GB of space, you should know that malware is involved.

This section lists some of the signs you may check on your Android smartphone to see whether it’s been attacked by a virus or is impacted by OMACP.

  • Device battery depletes quickly: Any malware or virus on Android tends to run continually in the background. The battery on your Android will go down faster because of this. So when you see a device battery depletion that’s out of the ordinary when using the device normally, this might be an indication of OMACP malware in your device.


  • Data use spikes: You could see significant increases in data usage that are difficult to explain. In spite of typical usage, any unexpected surge in your mobile data usage may indicate the presence of the OMACP virus on your Android. But there are also numerous additional bloatware applications that are also data-hungry.


  • Unusual app shut down: An OMACP-infected Android tends to shut off apps automatically. An occasional pop-up that tells you that an app has crashed to operate, followed by a red “x” button, may appear. You may have contracted the OMACP malware on your Android if you often see the same pop-up message.


  • Blank messages getting delivered automatically: Using your default messaging app, the OMACP malware is known for delivering strange, empty messages. The note generally has no information on it, or this is in a language not understandable to the recipient. If you’ve been seeing these kinds of warnings on your Android, then this indicates the clear presence of the OMACP virus on the device. It is recommended that you have your Android repaired and scan for OMACP malware activity.


How to Uninstall OMACP

In today’s technological world, we are surrounded by electronic gadgets. Everything from calling a friend to designing software can be controlled through a mobile device. But with boon comes the bane, and so are the viruses and malware in the mobile devices. In this article, we will talk about one such mobile virus named OMACP Virus. We will learn how you can tackle the virus and altogether remove it from your mobile devices. So start reading and find out the virus battling information.


How to Remove OMACP from Android Device?

Once you are clear that there is a presence of OMACP Virus in your android device, it becomes very important to remove it as early as possible. If you ignore this issue, it can totally infect your device and may lead to device damage. You should be especially careful, though, when you’re getting files from anywhere on the internet. Since there is no longer a need to download everything from an untrusted or unrecognized location. Here are some steps that you can follow to remove the OMACP virus from your device:


Shut down your android device:

Shutting down the android device is one of the first steps you have to do if you see any of the above-described indications. So the next time your Android device is compromised by spyware like OMCAP, switch it off immediately. Of course, your device may not be totally secure or removed from the system as a result. But you may save additional damage and put a stop to things now.

While you’re doing that, you may want to look into the reasons. First, search for the reasons due to which your device must have got infected with the OMACP virus. After finding the reason, you have to proceed with the solutions.


Locate the infected app using the app manager:

First and foremost, you have to check your device messaging app. As explained before, when an OMACP virus infects the android device, the messaging app behaves unusually and keeps eating the device storage.

If you ever find that you will be running out of storage capacity, navigate to the Settings and go to the Apps option, select the Message option from the list, and check the Storage of the messaging app. There, you can discover that OMCAP has taken up some odd space.


How to Get Rid of the OMACP virus?

You need to be similarly careful and attentive while using your phone or browsing the internet, as you have deactivated and uninstalled OMACP. To defend yourself against the OMACP Android malware, use these tips:

  • Make sure to update your phone and all of its applications to get the latest security fixes.
  • Disable the “Allow applications from unknown sources” setting and only install apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Make sure that the sites you visit and the links you click on are safe before going there.
  • Though Public Wi-Fi access isn’t as secure as home internet, OMACP Android can sneak into your device through it, so use caution.


How to Stay Safe from OMACP Malware?

Since it is an obscure and mostly unmentioned virus, OMACP is considered one of the most dangerous. OMACP virus generally grabs the internal storage of the device, which in turn brings about a certain abnormality in your Android’s regular operation.

So you should always take a few cautious measures to avoid the OMACP malware from infecting your Android. Here are some effective tips that you can follow the be safe from OMACP malware:


Do not download apps from unknown sources

We are frequently tricked into installing applications that are mods of or complete versions of premium applications. To ensure your Android is protected against the OMACP malware, avoid downloading and installing apps from any unknown sources. It is believed that these Mod applications may include malware.

Never click on links that seem suspicious

This is the first thing you should do to protect your Android from virus or malware infection. If something appears strange, always avoid clicking those links. OMACP virus infections are a result of visiting these dubious websites.

Enable the Google Play Protect Security feature

Google Protect is a built-in security feature that provides protection from potentially dangerous apps when installing them on an Android phone. That means that every software you install will be virus-free, including OMACP. This keeps the app entirely safe and free of harmful programmes and injections that may be used to get access to your Android’s data.

Give a regular update to your android apps

Ensure that you always update the apps you have on your Android to their newest versions. As a completely new product, the app ensures your data is safe and secure. You may configure Google Play Store to update apps automatically on Android, and then you can automatically update apps on the platform.

Never install Anti-Virus software on your android devices

There’s nothing like Antivirus for Android devices. One way to avoid the OMACP infection is to refrain from downloading any antivirus software or apps onto your Android from sources that you cannot trust.

Uninstall all the apps from unknown sources

If you want to ensure your Android is safe, always remove any malicious apps. Make sure to get rid of any unauthorized applications that you don’t recall installing or weren’t a part of the phone’s original package. You must read all the permissions provided to the app before downloading it.

Avoid getting connected to public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the perfect place for malware and viruses to thrive; therefore, avoid using Free or Public Wi-Fi. Therefore, to avoid an infection from the OMACP virus, it is recommended to avoid logging into any open Wi-Fi hotspots. In addition to keeping your device free of viruses, staying out of these locations will help safeguard the safety of your personal data. It’s also a good idea to stay clear of any potential hacking attempts on your Android.


OMACP Removal Guide Samsung

In a Samsung android device, OMACP is installed to properly use the MMS and SMS services and view the notifications properly. If you want to stop the OMACP in the Samsung device, you have to clear all the storage of the Message app from the settings of the Samsung device.


OMACP in Vivo  

Vivo devices have a pre-installed OMACP in them. The OMACP present in a Vivo device is used for the sim configuration. It is also used to detect issues, bugs in device security and other vulnerabilities in the device. But after some research, it was detected that OMACP leads to the addition of viruses and malwares in the Vivo devices, for such preventive measures were taken immediately, and steps were developed to remove the virus.


How to Turn off OMACP?

If you find the virus on your phone, do all in your power to quickly eliminate it. In addition, you should be aware that you should care for the source of your downloads, as this may prevent your device from the spread of the virus to your phone.

Do not obtain anything from obscure or untrustworthy online sources.

To turn off OMACP from your device, you should follow these steps:

Backup all your device data

You should safeguard your data by transferring it to another secure device as a portion of it might be lost during virus cleanup. It is not in your best interest to lose your valuable data with the virus.

Shut down the device and research about the cause

Once you see suspicious activity on your device, quickly shut it down and start researching about the cause that would lead the OMACP virus to enter the device. Shutting down the device will prevent it from further damage, and you will get time to plan a strategy for tackling the problem.

Locate the infected application and delete it

OMACP virus affects the messaging application generally and eats the storage. Go to the settings and clean up the storage of the messaging app. The OMACP virus will be eliminated once you clear the data of the messaging apps.


People Also Ask [ FAQ]

Is OMACP a system app?

Ans. OMACP is a pre-installed system app that was developed to configure sims in mobile devices and to locate bugs and vulnerabilities in the devices.


How to disable OMACP?

Ans. To disable the OMACP virus, first, you have to locate the app which has been infected and eats unusual space in the device. Generally, OMACP affects messaging apps. Then you have to visit the device settings, and under the apps option, you have to select the messaging app. Then you have to clear the storage of the messaging app to disable the OMACP.


What is an OMACP android virus?

Ans. OMACP android virus is one of the most dangerous types of android virus, which infects the device’s storage and performs unauthorized activities that hamper the device normal operations. Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S6 are the most affected mobile phones of Samsung with OMACP.


What is the OMACP configuration message?

Ans. OMACP configuration message is a pre-installed application in the Samsung android devices which helps you to use the SMS and MMS notifications properly. It is used to view all the received messages and notifications.


What is OMACP in Vivo?

Ans. In Vivo devices, OMACP is a sim configuration application that is designed by Mediatech. It helps to configure the sims properly to the device. You can remove OMACP in VIVO with our guide.