How to Uninstall MMguardian Parental Control App

Don’t know how to uninstall mmguardian? Within this post we will guide you how to get rid of mmguardian and remove it permanently from your device. There are many other parental control apps like Qustodio and if you have this installed and willing to uninstall Qustodio then you can refer our Qustodio guide.

Earlier, the use of mobiles was restricted for children. In most households, children were not allowed to have a phone unless they turned off a certain age or needed to use a mobile. But things have completed changed nowadays. This generation of technology and advancements has forced people into using mobile. The same goes for children as well.

This has forced parents to use parental control apps to track the online activity of their kids. For parents, these apps are a sigh of relief, but for kids- a disaster!

MMguardian is one of the parental control applications on AI-powered technology that provides parental control solutions.

So if you have MMguardian installed on your phone and you want to uninstall it, here is everything that you need to know.

What is MMguardian?

MMguardian is a among the top parental control app that can be used to monitor and manage the child’s phone. Parents can install the MMguardian Parent App to monitor a wide range of applications and activities on their child’s phone, and they can decide whether they want the monitoring level low or high.

Features of the MMguardian Application

So why do you need to worry if MMguardian is installed in your phone by your parents? Here are some of the features of the MMguardian app that you might need to look out for:

  • Messages: Parents will view regular messages and messages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This will hamper your privacy as all your messages will be displayed to your parents.
  • Usage of apps: This feature allows parents to show the overall uses of all applications and the duration of time spent on them. So if you are spending 7 hours on Instagram, be prepared to have it uninstalled!
  • Call history: Parents will be able to see the call history of their child and even block numbers that seem suspicious. The privacy of your call logs is also compromised.
  • Browsing on the Web: This feature enables the parents to glance at their child’s websites.
  • Inappropriate Picture Detection: The app records any inappropriate pictures, and parents receive and sends an alert.
  • Apps Blockage: Various apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, google play store can be blocked from your phone. This means saying goodbye to your favorite apps! Your parents can even set a specific usage limit for each of these apps.
  • Detailed Comprehensive Report: The app shows detailed reports of your phone activity, messages and web browsing activity. This is an area of concern if you want to keep some things private.
  • Tracking: The track and location feature allows your parents to track your phone to know your current live location. This is also a breach of privacy!


How to Uninstall MMguardian Without a Password?

The MMguardian has added a new feature in its mobile app and an enhanced uninstall protection lock feature. This makes it impossible to uninstall the app. To uninstall it, you will have to know the password. However, there are some ways by which you can gain access to some of the apps. This can be done by disabling the parental control feature in the play store.

How to Uninstall MMguardian From My Android Phone? 

To remove the app from your android phone, follow these steps:

Uninstalling the App:

  • Using the parent password (admin password), open the MMguardian app. Locate to the top green bar to find the “Uninstall” icon, which resembles a trashcan.
  • The next step would be to click “Ok” and follow along with the steps.

Removing the App and Device Information From the System of MMguardian:

  • Using the registered MMguardian password and email, log into the parent portal of MMguardian.
  • From the top green bar, select the device that was uninstalled.
  • In the lower-left space, click on the “Setting” tab.
  • In the settings screen, search for the device name and select the correct device or app.
  • The final step to delete the required device can be done by clicking on the “Delete from account” button, red.


How to Uninstall MMGuardian on iPhone?

By following the below-mentioned steps, you will be able to delete your MMguardian profile from their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” app on the device. Select the “General” option.
  • Navigate to the “Device Management” option and select it. In some older versions of iOS, you will find this option under the “Profiles” option.
  • Tap on the entry that is visible on the screen for the MMguardian profile.
  • To remove the profile, tap the “Remove” button.


How to Bypass MMguardian?

MMguardian might be a severe hindrance to your privacy. Here are the ways by which you can bypass MMguardian:

  • MMguardian Password: If you can get a hold of the admin password by chance, then uninstalling the app will become very easy. You need to open the app> log in with the parent or admin password> click “submit”. Once you have opened the account, tap the ‘trashcan’ icon to delete the account. Tap “uninstall MMguardian” and click “Ok”.
  • Disabling Parental Controls with Pin: The parental control feature in the play store restricts you from downloading a lot of apps. You can turn off this feature from your play store to control the apps you can download. Here is how to do it: open google play store> click on your profile> go to “settings”> click on “family”> toggle the parental control off by proving the pin of your device.
  • Disabling parental controls without a pin: sometimes, you might not have the pin with you. However, you can still turn off the parental control feature from the play store. Follow these steps to disable parental control: go to “settings” in your phone> click on “storage“> locate the “play store” app and click on it> tap on “clear data“. This is to delete all the data associated with the google play store.


People Also Ask (FAQs)


Can I Uninstall MMguardian Without my Parents Knowing?

The new feature that MMguardian has added in its mobile app is an enhanced protection feature uninstall. This feature makes it impossible for you to uninstall the app. A password is essential for you to uninstall the application from your phone. However, you can bypass MMguardian by turning off parental controls from the google play store.


I Can’t uninstall the MMguardian app. What do I need to know?

It is pretty easy to uninstall the MMguardian app. All you need to know is the password. Using the android app, enter your password, navigate to the “Uninstall”, and click on “Ok”. If you are using an iPhone, go to “settings”, then “general”, and then to “device management”. You will be able to see your profile. Click on “remove” to remove the account.


How to Uninstall MMguardian Without Alerting the System?  

The “uninstall protection” makes it impossible to uninstall the app without alerting the system. Moreover, since the app sends a report to the parent every day, your parents will know that there is some problem if there is no report. However, you can access a restricted app by turning off the parental control feature in the play store.


How to Prevent Uninstalling MMguardian?

To prevent uninstalling MMguardian, enable the anti-tamper and uninstall protection feature. This will make it impossible to uninstall MMguardian without a password.


MMguardian is a beneficial parental application that helps to monitor the child’s online activities. However, it is a real threat to the privacy of children. So if you want to know the app’s features that are a threat to you or the ways of bypassing the MMguardian app, you will now be able to do so.