[SOLVED] How to Uninstall MaaS360 From Android Device and Remove it Permanently

Planning to get rid of MaaS 360, here is a complete guide on how to remove MaaS 360 from Android devices. MaaS360 is a popular remote management tool launched by the tech giant IBM. The development of this app is to provide a trustworthy centralized platform through which one can control different Android devices remotely.

What is MaaS 360?

MaaS 360 is an android app similar to TeamViewer on desktop. The main utility of this app is to provide a convenient and safe environment for organizations to make their workflow smooth and effective.

IBM was the creator of this application that offers 30 days free trial to its application. So you can try the application with your enterprise for 30 days and then decide to go with paid option or not.

MaaS 360 supports Android, iPhones, Mac and Windows users. In addition, this simple yet effective tool provides you with some powerful features to access other devices remotely.

Who Owns MaaS 360?

IBM (International Business Machines) is the creator of MaaS 360 and own all right to use it commercially.

Benefits of MaaS 360

  1. You can easily control data stored on mobile devices and provide options to wipe data, modify and deploy apps remotely.
  2. You can access the enterprise intranet from your home. If you need any data from your office laptop, you don’t have to rush to your office.
  3. It’s a time and money saver as you can control multiple tech devices remotely.
  4. You can create different profiles on different devices and transfer the files seamlessly.

Why You Failed to Uninstall MaaS 360?

If you tried to remove MaaS 360 but failed every time that means you might be doing something wrong. MaaS 360 is installed in such a way that it won’t get deleted easily. While installing the app, it creates a user profile inside your Android device and then it gets installed like another android app.

Removing MaaS 360 is easy and within this post you’ll get multiple ways to get it uninstalled completely from your Android device.

Method 1

First of all, we will remove the new profile created by MaaS from your Android device and for that you can follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to phone Settings and then select Accounts
  2. Click on the profile created by MaaS 360 and Select Delete.
  3. Now, we can go to Mobile Settings >>Applications
  4. Here you’ll see all the installed applications on your android device.
  5. Search and select the MaaS 360 and click on it.
  6. Select Uninstall and follow-on Screen instructions.
  7. Within a few seconds, MaaS 360 will get deleted.

Method 2:

  1. Open the Maas 360 application on your Android device.


  2. You’ll get 3 options App Catalog, Docs and Tap settings and open it.
  3. You’ll see 3 vertical dots on top right of the application. Tap on it.
  4. Select Remove MDM Control

  5. You’ll get a warning message. Simple ignore it and click on OkThis-will-remove-MaaS360-agent-from-the-device
  6. Now, you can easily remove the MaaS 360 Settings>>Application>>MaaS360>>UninstallUNINSTALL-MaaS360
  7. Enjoy, the app is successfully removed from your Android device.

People Also Asks (FAQ)


How to reset password on MaaS 360 (Android and iPhone)

If you have forgot your MaaS360 password then you can reset it through your IT Administrator or you can directly contact IBM support to reset it for you.

You can talk to IBM support directly from here

How to change password on MaaS 360

Navigate to MaaS360 portal on your mobile or Desktop. Move your mouse on Profile Tab and then you’ll see an option to Change Password. Tap on it and provide a new password for your MaaS 360 account.

What access does MaaS 360 provide

If you have installed and created MaaS 360 user profiles then you can perform below operations:

Access Emails, App Management, App Deployment, Remote Device Management and Mobile threat Management.


What can you see with MaaS 360

  1. You can track location of the linked devices through GPS.
  2. You can access Private Data, Pictures and Videos.
  3. You can take Screenshots and get it transferred to you with and without user’s knowledge.
  4. There are hundreds of other benefits as well and for that you can access IBM official MaaS 360 page.


How to change a device name on MaaS 360

You might have reset your Android mobile. You can change a device name by creating a separate device attribute and you can set a new name of your device. Name is just to identify the device and there is no use of it in real world.