How to Uninstall Gamezook and Remove it Permanently [Solved]

What is Gamezook?

Gamezook is basically a gaming website from where you can play online games and enjoy your extra time. It is built similar to Roblox but they failed to gain user trust because of their nasty objective. Gamezook ads a hidden extension into your web browser to keep showing you annoying pop-up ads and underlined URLs makes it difficult to read information on a web page. This is similar to My Safe savings malware that shows annoying ads on your visited webpage.

Because of the nature of the extension, they hide themselves under directories and makes it difficult to remove from your system.  Within this guide you’ll learn how to uninstall Gamezook and remove it completely from your system.

Gamezook is an adware program that makes your web surfing experience worst and affects the overall performance of the system. Android malware shows similar results on the overall functioning of the Android OS. It corrupts the registry files so even if you try to remove it, it will show errors but it won’t get deleted.


How to Uninstall Gamezook?

Before starting the uninstalling procedure, we should know how this adware affects us and why its difficult to remove?

They are installed as browser addons and extensions so it won’t be possible to be removed from Control Panel. We have to follow an effective way to get rid of Gamezook application. Here is the guide just follow it and enjoy.

  1. In the first step we will remove the Gamezook from the directories. For that we will open the registry files and remove all traces of this application. Run>> Regedit
  2. Registry files will be opened in front of you. But before deleting anything we will keep a backup of the working registry files and if anything, bad happens then we will simply replace the registry files with the old ones. To take a backup simply go to the File>>Export
  3. Press CTRL+F and search for You’ll get some files and directories for sure. Delete every single folder from here and exit from the registry panel.
  4. Now, our registry is cleaned from Gamezook. Now we will reset our web browsers so last traces of this application will also get deleted.


How to Remove Game Zooks from Chrome?

For Chrome users, you have to delete the extension of Gamezook to get rid of their annoying ads.

  1. Open your Chrome browser and go to Menu
  2. Go to More Tools>> and select Extensions.

google chrome

  1. You’ll see all installed extension here. Search for Gamezook.
  2. Select the app and click on Remove
  3. You just uninstalled Gamezook from Chrome browser.




How to Remove Game Zooks from Firefox?

Here is the guide to remove Gamezook from Firefox. Making Firefox Ads free is only possible if you get rid of Gamezook extension and here is the guide for the same.

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and go to the Menu

2. Select Add-ons and you’ll see lots of installed apps.

uninstall gamezook on firefox

3. Select the Gamezook extension and Click on

4. Close your browser. You have uninstalled Gamezook extension from Firefox

People Also Ask (FAQ) 

How Can I Remove Game Zooks From My Computer?

You can reset your browser or you can simple remove the Gamezooks extension. Once you remove it you won’t see unwanted ads on your browser.


How to Get Rid of Ads by Game Zooks?

Getting pop-up ads is a bit frustration if you are doing something important on your system. If you want to remove ads from Gamezooks permanently then you should reset your browser and then delete all instances of Gamezooks from hidden directories.


How to Block Ads by Game Zooks?

You can use Adblocker extension from the chrome store or you can simply remove the ads causing extension called Gamezooks from your web browser. Once this app is uninstalled properly then all your problems will be resolves.


How to Remove Game Zooks on Windows 10?

If you are using windows 10 then it will be relatively easy to get rid of Gamezooks. You can simply Restore your computer 2 months back when there was no Gamezooks on your entire system. You can follow uninstall procedure of My Safe Savings virus from Windows 10 and replicate the process.


How to Eliminate Gamezook Ads?

You can’t eliminate the Gamezook ads until you remove the extension completely and for that you can follow this entire guide.


How to Remove Gamezooks from Computer not on Uninstall list?

This is the main reason why you can’t uninstall Gamezooks from computer. This application is not listed on Add or Remove Programs. You have to delete the entire directories including hidden ones and remove all entries inside registry. Step by Step guide is available here.


How to Remove or Uninstall Gamezooks from Mac?

If you are using MacBook then it will be difficult to uninstall Gamezook but if you follow below step by step tutorial then you’ll be able to complete the removal procedure.

  1. Open the Finder and go to Applications inside your Mac.
  2. Select the Gamezook app and drag it to the Trash
  3. Get your trash empty to uninstall it completely on Mac.
  4. Don’t forget to reset your browser.
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