How to Uninstall Barracuda Web Security Agent [Remove Permanently]

The barracuda web security agent is the most hated client-based software by the staff of a company as this protective shield controls the flow of their internet usage and restricts them to visit lots of sites. If you have a system powered with WSA (Web Security Agent) and doesn’t know how to uninstall barracuda web security agent then this post is going to save your time.

What is Barracuda Web Security Agent (WSA)?

The barracuda web security agent is a client-based software that provides a powerful safety mechanism against web frauds and malware attacks.

Big organizations are using barracuda web security agent as a protective shield for their company. WSA not only provides overall protection to your files but they are between you and the malicious web with adware and viruses.

They restrict your machine to establish direct contact with the web hence protect you from any outside attack.

Benefits of barracuda web security agent?

If you are an Administrator who has full control on the barracuda web security agent then you can control all the threats emerged from the web before it harms your system.

Barracuda WSA is the solution to provide a top quality protection mechanism to your existing organization in a reasonable price.

How to Uninstall Barracuda Web Security Agent (WSA) on Windows PC or Laptop

There are several ways to uninstall Barracuda WSA if you are using it on a windows PC or Laptop.  If you are using windows then 90% of the installed software or applications are located inside the control panel of the system and from there you can easily uninstall it through the Add or remove program tab.

If for any reason, the Barracuda WSA isn’t available to uninstall from Add/ Remove Programs then you have to use Barracuda uninstaller to get rid of this web security agent.

If you don’t have access to Control Panel and Uninstaller then also you can remove Barracuda Web Security Agent but for that you should have access to Command Prompt as Administrator.

You can follow the steps to uninstall or remove it with command

Uninstall Barracuda Web Security Agent with Command line

Step 1: Open the command prompt (cmd) but make sure you have Administrator rights.

Step 2: Now, you’ll have to run the below command according to your WSA version.
If you have 5.x version then
msiexec /x {03C67732-48A5-42CD-84EB-258689369F36}

For 4.x version run
msiexec /x {C890BEDB-C229-4C16-9DC4-5A7C28159346}

Step 3: Once the command is executed, the Barracuda Web Security Agent get uninstalled and removed from your windows PC.

This was the complete procedure to get rid of Barracuda.

People Also Ask : FAQ

Is Barracuda a safe website?

Yes, the Barracuda is a 100% safe site that provide you a powerful Web Security Agent that protects you from spywares and viruses.

What is Barracuda WAF?

Barracuda WAF is a security software designed for both client and server-based system to provide a layer of extra security from internet threats like data breach, spywares, adware and viruses.

Organizations are using Barracuda WAF to protect their employees from the possible damage from web  and get better productivity from them by blocking unuseful social sites.

How do I remove Barracuda Web Security Agent?

In the post we have already discussed the top 3 ways to remove Barracuda web security agent. You can use any method to get it uninstalled permanently.

How Does Barracuda Work?

Barracuda is a software with lots of functionalities. They protect you through diverting your web traffic to their cloud services and then filtering out the malicious or harmful data to your IP address.

When the Barracuda administrator adds your IP to the system and activate it through the dashboard then all your web requests will be filtered through the Barracuda gateway.

What is a Web Security Gateway?

A web security gateway is a set of rules and condition on which the requests are requested and fulfilled through the web in a controlled and safe environment.

How do I log into Barracuda Web Filter?

There is a default IP address to login to the Barracuda. You just need to open your browser and enter

This is the default IP address for the Barracuda but you can get it changed by logging in and configuring your Barracuda web filter.

How do I get rid of WSA?

WSA is a productive tool that helps you to stay under safe radar while accessing web. A WSA helps you to keep you safe from malwares and virus by proving an extra layer of security with your firewall.

How Do You Turn off a Barracuda?

If you want to turn off your Barracuda WSA temporally then you can simply unplug it from your router and restart after 2 seconds. You’ll get connected with the internet normally.

But if you want to remove barracuda permanently then you can remove it from the control panel.

Alternatively, you can setup a VPN and bypass barracuda WSA controlling your sites.


How Can I Disable Barracuda Web Filter?

Barracuda works on IP address. If your home IP address is linked with Barracuda WSA then you’ll have to change your home IP address to bypass the WSA filter and access any restricted site.

The best and the fastest way to change IP address is using a good quality VPN (Virtual Private Network).


How to Disable Barracuda on Chromebook without Admin?

Admin access is very much essential if you would like to change any of its settings. If you are from an organization then you can contact the administrator to get it disabled on your chrome book.


How to Uninstall Barracuda Web Filter?

If you would like to uninstall Barracuda web filter permanently from your computer then you need the Admin access to uninstall the application from the control panel and then don’t forget to remove the left over files from registry.