Google plus has a very neat user interface with uncluttered icons and buttons with a black Google bar and followed by a grayish search bar ,I guess its not only you but many of you would be reminded of Apple’s Mac interface, Infact according to the Washington post the user interface is designed by Andy Hertzfeld an original member of the Apple Macintosh team. Now what’s spoiling the very cool Google plus interface is the support of uncool animated gif’s remembers the Geocities era? In fact even I hosted a personal website in Geocities with lot of animated stuff including the using the under construction animated banner.

To make sure I am not the only one annoyed by animated gif’s running on Google plus manged to get some feedback from early users on Plus network.
Some described it as a “noise”, ”irritating” and some even went out to create an animated gif with marquee text rolling out “Dear Google+, You will regret supporting animated gifs, your friend Geocities.”Animated gifs were widely used in 90’s and early 2000’s which also included Things that follow your mouse and Under construction graphics. Though this time it wasn’t about under construction banners it was about social networking war between Google plus and other social networking sites as Facebook, twitter,friendfeed etc. Google might have to reconsider on its support to animated gif especially the ones that loop to infinitely and also use up the bandwidth(a few gif’s are 5-10 mb in file size) especially when such a cool user interface should not be turned off for users with annoying gifs. Every pixel counts right? If you felt the same hit the feedback button on Google plus also look down for the few animated gif’s currently trending on Google plus.

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