Exciting features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Exciting features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is known to embark with high end smartphones and galaxy phones are the most popular mobile devices from this brand. Lately, Samsung Galaxy S-IV was released this year in April in more than 155 nations all across the world, which is being run over 327 different operators. If you look at this device virtually, it is a 5 inches Super AMOLED capacitive Touchscreen backed by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It simply weighs 130 grams, which is very light if you compare to the power and features this device encompasses. Of all the features one of the most whiz bang thing about Samsung Galaxy S IV is its eye scrolling feature. It is a never seen and unheard feature in the mobile devices that allows the users to scroll the browsing website or any other window using the eye movements. Though this feature is not reported in the lately introduced device, however, the future versions of Samsung Galaxy S IV are definitely going to see this incredible feature. As you dig deep you can uncover some of the most incredible and interesting features, which are simply impossible to witness over the smartphone of other brands.  Now, let’s check out some of the important and exciting features of this device .

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The Smart Screen

Samsung introduced this feature with Galaxy SIII and is also present in Galaxy S IV, which helps you in remaining smart. The element called Smart Stay simply helps the users to keep the screen active as long as the users keep on looking at the screen. This feature, however, was also seen in Galaxy S III but this time you have an extra edge in it. Another element called the Smart Pause simply helps the video to stop the moment the device detects that you are not looking at the screen. Another feature called Smart Rotation simply helps the user to adjust the screen orientation as per the angle you as for the sight and lastly the element – Smart Scroll, which helps the users to scroll the screen either up or down by simply titling the device by simply looking over the screen.


The Air Gesture

This is among the most incredible and interesting features found in Samsung Galaxy S IV. You can hover and carry out different functions like starting and stopping any song or manage a number of different web pages without actually touching the screen. Though this feature was seen in Galaxy Note but this time in Galaxy S IV it has come with additional edge. With this feature, you can easily browse inside your phone content like apps, gallery, videos and images thus this time you can find the Air Gesture much more advance and dynamic as compared to the earlier ones.

The Watch On

Another worthy feature found in Samsung Galaxy S IV is WatchOn. With this feature, you can simply convert your smartphone device into a remote control. This means you can easily control your TV sets or even the devices like Set Top boxes to change the channels, raise and slash down the volumes and other important functions.

The AirView Feature

This feature is the same one, which was found in the device – Galaxy Note II; however, this time the users have certain enhancements in it. This time you are not supposed to use the S Pen in order to access this feature. In fact by simply hovering over your videos and images, you can end up getting the preview of the same with the help of your fingers.

The Group Play feature

This feature in Samsung Galaxy S IV simply helps the users to transmit the music files, images, documents and other content found over your device without actually accessing the Wi Fi or some other way of connectivity. It also helps in connecting the other Galaxy S IV devices, which helps in playing the same music at one time. The Group Play feature is simply one of the best elements for parties to play great music together.

The Wireless Charging

Another worthy feature is Wireless Charging, which works on the technology called Qi. It was developed by Wireless Power Consortium, which allows equipping the device Galaxy SIV with a help of charging cover that helps in availing the wireless charging through the charging pad.

The S Health

This feature is basically a personal health tracking application, which is supplemented by S Band a known bracelet that monitors your steps, the burnt calories the amount of distance you have covered and checking your sleep efficiency. Moreover, it is waterproof, which means you can wear it anywhere you want and monitor your health constantly.

The S Translator

This feature is simply a good tool for people who travel to different countries. It helps in getting both the text and voice translations, which means you are never taken for a ride in any foreign nation. It helps in mastering your language learning skills of foreign lands and helps a lot in communicating with people speaking French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. It supports these languages.


This feature is basically a dedicated chat service, which helps the users to communicate in three different ways. These include video calling, screen sharing and voice calls using the two different cameras in Galaxy S IV.

Drama Shot

This feature simply blends the images with a burst short into a single frame by creating more dynamic effects or by simply making an image to get a new life.

Drama Shots in S4
Image Courtesy :Android central
Dual Shot

This feature simply allow the users to use both the cameras (front and rear end cameras) at the same time and inject the images from the front camera to any image with the help of rear camera. Hence it simply helps in capturing your reactions along with your surrounding in just one shot.

Dual shot Galaxy S4

The Cinema Photo Feature

This feature in Samsung Galaxy S IV simply helps to animate any portion of your image, which results to a GIF based file. You can even edit the same along with sharing it to your friends.

The Sound and Shot feature

This feature simply helps in recording a nice second long audio clip while you are capturing any photograph.

Final word

Samsung Galaxy S IV is a great device in terms of features and applications. The above some of the most interesting features of Galaxy S IV, which will prompt you to get one if you have still not bought the same.


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