Link building or creating back links to your website/blog can increase relevancy of your blogs niche and also help in boosting page rank and in turn boost massive traffic to your blog. Apart from search engine optimization which is done by most blogs, link building is often ignored by bloggers and webmasters pertaining to the tedious task of commenting on other do follow blogs, guest postings and sometimes link exchange among other co-bloggers.

If you really want to dominate Google rankings the answer lies understanding how Google’s search algorithm works. While Google’s patent on ranking WebPages can be accessed

Create free back links on your blogs .

Link build on your site must have relevancy to be considered worthy enough by Google page rankings and these include.

  • Links should be relevant. (Cooking blog linking to a techblog is a big no from Google Page rank.)
  • Linking doesn’t mean it should link only to your home page backlinks created should link all the pages of your website/blogs.
  • Linking should be from a variety of IP address, (all websites/blogs do have a unique IP address so it’s worthwhile having links from a variety of IP address.)
  • Link building rate: The rate at which Links are built over a period of time. Getting 1000 links on a brand new website/blog will surely raise red flags on Google Page rank algorithm. Though there is no prescribed limit on the no of links you create per day 10-20 is good to start per day on a new blog.

For creating backlinks from a variety of IP address we have a solution that’s a third party service Social Monkee which is an online tool that can create unique backlinks for your website/blogs and more importantly its has a free version which gives you 25 backlinks per day and if you pay for a premium you get 100 backlinks per day a service worth giving it a try for link building for your blogs and websites.



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