Innovations keep coming some only creates hype but fails to deliver while some change the entire existing technology. Ever since the data started to stream the wireless way we had numerous technologies like Bluetooth, infra red, Wi-Fi, radio, white space (usage of empty space in analog tv transmission for Wi-Fi capability IEEE 802.11af) battling out for data transfer  supremacy with every new technology increasing the data transfer rate and security .

So if you thought fiber optics communication (transmitting high speed data via light in a special optical cable) was the best technology so far in this century you may be wrong as a professor in engineering Edinburgh University Harald Haas has bought in a revolutionary led light bulb costing just 3$ that can communicate as well as illuminate at the same time and the data transfer via the bulb is not low bit rate transfer but it can transfer a high definition video within a small bulb. The possibilities are endless with this new so called D-Light technology and as of now data rates of up to 10 MBit/s per second (current broadband connection) is accomplished, and 100 MBit/s by the end of this year and possibly up to 1 GB in the future. Using this technology will be cheap because light is everywhere and you can port existing wireless services on the back of lighting equipment and an end to the potentially harmful electromagnetic pollution emitted by wireless internet routers  and mobile towers.Harald Hass demonstrates the D-light technology in a TED conference video below.