PAL Robotics, part of Abu Dhabi conglomerate the Royal Group,is set to debut REEM (life size robot) this year in the major malls in Abu Dhabi UAE, REEM comes equipped with a navigation system and a touch screen, and it can be used as a guide, with features including face tracking and recognition, and a small platform to transfer luggage and heavy objects, as well as the ability to conduct video calls through the robot’s touch screen


Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC ) will be the first recipients of the robots and the estimated cost of the robot is supposed to be €200,000 ! The Factory is planned to be operational by June this year and will make around 12 robots per month. Check these videos out.


Well is it worth the cost ? It doesn’t sound cost effective at all. At around a million €200,000 , it would cost equal to 500 workers/services staff getting €500 who are are readily available in abundance and replaceable without any significant cost, This is more about PR .
Imagine one day you get really really frustrated by these ‘in-human’ robots and you scream “Enough is enough, I want to see your manager”.
The Robot quietly goes into an office and come back with another Giant Robot!