This article gives you the names of a few useful apps and what they do.

1. Twittus. Want to post your tweets on Facebook, but you do not want to spam your friends? This application allows you to display your latest posts in a box on your profile, and in the ticker of your friends.

2. TwooglePlus. Posting messages to a large number of social networks takes time. If you have Google+ and Twitter, then why not link the two accounts?

3.Tweet Later u. This site allows you to schedule a tweet for the future date of your choice. Simply enter your Twitter credentials and choose the content, date and time.

4.Eve Twitter. You can integrate your business micro-blogging into your blog with one click.

5.Tweepi. This makes it easier to follow and un-follow people who do not follow you. Try not to use it to much, because it may be viewed as spam.

6.TwitterFeed. This service allows you to automatically send tickets on Twitter via your RSS feed. It’s a good way to keep up your followers up to date with your latest releases.

7.ManageFlitter. This app is indispensable if you wish to distinguish between active and inactive subscribers; those who do not follow you.

8.FollowFollowers. This app allows you to automate your “follows” actions on Twitter. If somebody follows you, this app will make you follow them back. This service allows you to automatically publish your latest posts on Twitter and Facebook via your RSS feed. It also provides stats.

10.Perch Twitter Perch Twitter allows you to automatically follow 20 new people a day according to the predetermined keywords you used. The concept is not that far from spam, but you may find it interesting.

11.Tweetstream Find your old tweets and store them.

12.Journamatic It looks like a real diary and is only accessible to you. It’s an app for nostalgia or manic archiving. In any case, the idea is good and it is a great way to quickly find old photos, links or thoughts.

13.Tweet Scan Save your tweets and your mentions on Twitter.

14.Reader2Twitter Is a tool to easily link your Twitter account to your Google Reader.

15.The Archivist It is a Windows application that runs in the background. It can search for tweets dating back several months, and indicates the source. It shows you all the information in different forms so that you can export the data you have collected.

16.Twiangulate You may find out who is your most influential follower. Many other features are Available, including tools to find interesting new accounts to follow.

17.Tweetwhen The TweetWhen service allows you to know the day and hour at which, on average, you are most re-tweeted. By analyzing your last 1000 tweets, it can calculate when your information is most likely to be re-tweeted.

18.Twoolr Two options are available on this app: The statistics of your personal use of Twitter and those of your network. analytics This will analyze the clicks of your followers, and the content of your tweets. This can be very insightful.

20.Dropletweet This allows you to map your conversations on Twitter.

21.Follow cost Following people on Twitter may sometimes be annoying if you’re not a hardcore user. To check the activity of the Tweeter, log onto the site. It will give you the average tweets per day, of the user of your choice.

22.Tweriod Allows you to know the times in which your followers tweet the most. It is a useful tool for when you want to maximize the promotional impact of your tweets.

23.Revisit This tool allows you to visualize (graphically) the tweets around a topic or a Twitter account, and calculate any relations between them.

24.SocialBro The newest app covering Twitter accounts statistics.


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