With the the start of 2016, many people are looking for ways to make the most out of their days and be more productive.  Below is a fun list of things you can do with with your Apple Watch to show off your productivity skills.

1. VIP Mail and Thread Notifications
When using Mail, make your boss or your client a VIP and be alerted by Apple Watch when they email. Say goodbye to that constant “what if they’ve emailed?” iPhone checking.

Monitoring an important conversation by email? Hit ‘Notify Me’ in the mail on your iPhone, and have Apple Watch notify you every time someone replies. Cancel the feature with one tap when you’re done.

2.  Add your style to default replies
Default replies make responding to messages and emails as simple as a tap, and by customising them you can add your own style. For example, if you’re always running late, create a reply that says “I’m running late as usual, be there in 5.” You can even use an emoji.

3.  Cover to mute Calls
You’re in packed theater and your iPhone rings. Discreetly place your hand over Apple Watch to silence it, all the while glaring at someone else to pass off the embarrassment.

4.  Wirefree Workouts
Sync a playlist to Apple Watch so it’s available offline for an iPhone free, cable-free liberating workout. Just you and your Bluetooth headphones.

5. Put the show in slideshow
Use Apple Watch to control your presentation. Apple Watch can start, navigate and end a presentation.

6.  Ask Siri to Remind You
More powerful than ever, use Siri for location based reminders like “remind me to pick up my dry cleaning when I leave work” or “remind me to take the trash out when I get home.” You can also enlist Siri to help with currency conversions and calculating tips in restaurants, even splitting tips and contributions across groups, for example, “what’s the tip on a $250 check between six?”

Cooks love to use Siri hands-free. Raise your wrist and say “hey Siri” and then state your question or command, for example “start at 3 minute timer,” so you know when it’s time to turn the steak.

Apps to try:

Create good and healthy habits with Streaks. Choose up to six tasks you’d like to achieve, for example reading, playing music or taking a walk and Streaks will help you accomplish them using gentle reminders and encouragement. Available around the world.

Get Streaks from the App Store

Things and Small Task
Things is a great task manager that’s easy to use, yet powerful. Running natively on Apple Watch, Things also has a watch face complication to show your progress through the day. Small Task is great if you want to add notifications quickly and easily, for example “buy milk” or “return shirt.”

Get Small Task from the App Store

Word of the Day
Become the smartest person your friends know. Learn a new word every day, it’s as simple as that. Works in English only.

Get Word of the Day from the App Store

You Record
Capture a thought, a memo, a meeting or any audio recording. When you’re done, edit your recording then send it via email, iMessage or AirDrop.

Get You Record from the App Store

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks 
Whether you’re sharing a shopping list, working on a project or planning a holiday you can easily capture, share and complete your to-dos. 

Get Wanderlust from the App Store 

Up Next – What To Do When
A powerful productivity tool which combines your to do list, calendar and current location to show you what tasks you should four on next.

Get Up Next form the App Store

Due – Reminders, Countdown Timers 
Never fail to get something done as Due repeatedly reminds you of items that are due until you act on them, from booking your dentist appointment to paying a bill on time.

Get Due from App Store 

Reach your New Year goals with calorie and exercise tracking with food logging from Apple Watch

Get Lifesum from the App Store 


Gymaholic – Strength training and a great Apple Watch app to use in the gym to keep track of your rep, sets and loads that integrates with heart rate, Workout and the Activity rings on Apple Watch
3 Minute Mindfulness – Breathing excercises right from your wrist.
Pocket Yoga – Yoga excercises that you can view from your Apple Watch

Runtastic – Running, workouts including interval training and coaching that integrates with Workout and the Activity rings on Apple Watch
7 Minute Workout – Seven minute workouts with coaching and visual cues right on your Apple Watch

Lark – Conversational coaching for nutrition and excerise using dication from Apple Watch

Lose It! – Choose how you want to loose weight with the tools you need to track food and excercise, plans, meals and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal.