What you need to know about Facebook Jail

What you need to know about Facebook Jail

Facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s lives due to the phenomenon called social networking. One can argue that the biggest thing to happen to social media and social networking is Facebook, and they would be right. What’s more is that the company has cemented its feet into the social scene further after the recent acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, making it also one of the most rounded out platforms on the internet and a content creator’s paradise.

While the Facebook community is very vibrant and inclusive, the social media platform has put in fail-safe protocols that take user protection to a whole new level. The most drastic of all is Facebook Jail. Facebook Jail is not a physical prison, but rather a situation where Facebook themselves block your account from posting content or interacting with other people’s content. No one knows how long this embargo lasts, but if past events are anything to go by, people have actually had their accounts deleted altogether during the course of this embargo.

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you some tips that can help you stay out of this Facebook Jail.

Number 1 – DO NOT send friend requests to people you don’t know

This is a practice that people with stalker-like tendencies do all the time. You might receive Friend Requests from people you may never have heard of and be warned, these accounts may turn out to be bots, stalkers, or even more dangerous entities. For the time being, these people think there are no consequences, but little do they know, the Facebook Police make note of this behavior, and if they notice a pattern, the account in question is flagged immediately and blocked to prevent further damage.