What to do when the iPhone does not connect to WiFi

What to do when the iPhone does not connect to WiFi

When it comes ot browsing the internet on your iPhone, the most important ingredient is internet connectivity. Today, the iPhone is capable of using both WiFi and mobile networks, to give us a seamless and hassle-free internet browsing experience.

There are situations where sometimes, the iPhone just doesn’t seem to connect to the WiFi network at your home, and this in turn, impedes the whole internet browsing experience that you are looking forward to.

Troubleshooting this problem is easy and in just a few small steps, you can see why your iPhone is not connecting ot the internet via WiFi, and you can even take measures to fix the issue. let’s take a look.

Case 1. Check the WiFi router.

Sometimes, the reason for your iPhone not being able to connect to WiFi lies within the router. In such cases, simply reboot the router and try reconnecting to the WiFi Network.

Case 2. Check up on your internet plan. 

If your WiFi runs on a monthly plan, chances are that you have run out of bandwidth for the month, and a top-up is required. In such cases, you will frequently find problems in connecting to that network, until it is topped up and ready to go.

Case 3. Reboot your iPhone.

This may sound a bit cliched, but sometimes, rebooting your iPhone can fix these minor bugs or glitches, so this is definitely a quick fix that you can try.

Finally, the last thing you should try, before heading to a service center, is to reset the network settings on your iPhone. This is how you can do it.

Step 1. Open the ‘Settings‘ app on your iPhone.