Laptops and Desktops have come a long way and today, they are a staple in every household. The technological advancements that we see in PCs today outshines what we would have seen a few years back. Thats the speed of development these days.

However, where there is good, there’s always a little bit of bad. There are some brands out there in the market who still like to profit by cutting corners in their products. One of the most shocking omissions in a PC, especially a Windows 10 PC is that of a WiFi adapter.

Yes, there are some Windows 10 PCs in the market that DO NOT come with an in built Wifi Adapter. In such cases, the only way to connect to the internet is to use an old school LAN cable or a rather more modern WiFi Adapter.

In this article, we will tall you the Top 5 Wifi Adapters for Windows 10 PCs.

Number 1. TP-Link Mini AC600 WiFi Adapter.

Measuring just about 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.7 inches, the TP-Link Mini AC600 is one of the smallest WiFi Adapters in the market. It is also a plug and play device in the sense that you only have to plug in this adapter into an empty USB port on your PC and instantly, you will be able to connect to the internet.


wifi adapters windows 10


It delivers great speed as long as it is at an optimum distance from the Router. It uses dual-band 802.11ac, and you’ll be able to use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz capabilities.


Number 2. TP-Link Archer T2U Plus USB WiFi Adapter

The second name on the list the TP-Link Archer T2U Plus WiFi Adapter. TP-Link is one of the most reliable names in the WiFi peripheral market and it comes as no surprise that we have two separate offerings from TP-Link in this collection.


Top 5 WiFi Adapters for Windows 10 PCs


The Archer T2U Adapter is also a USB based WiFi Adapter with an adjustable antenna. This ensures that your PC gets uninterrupted connectivity no matter where you are in your home or workplace. The antenna has a 5dBi gain thanks to the 802.11 ac protocol.

The Archer T2U is compatible with the USB 2.0 slots as well and the performance is very consistent to use as a long term WiFi Adapter option.


Number 3. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

The next option is the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Wifi Adapter. Netgear is another reliable name in the market when it comes to the WiFi peripherals.


Top 5 WiFi Adapters for Windows 10 PCs


The AC1900 has great connectivity and also offers nearly zero lag. The only drawback is the design. The Nighthawk AC1900 is a rather large adapter and when you plug it into the USB port, it tends to block out the ports next to it as well. This is something you have to keep in mind before buying the adapter.


Number 4. EDUP AC600 Wifi Adapter.

The EDUP AC600 is a very underrated option when it comes to WiFi Adapters. When is comes to the size, it is slightly bigger than the ones offered by Tp-Link and Netgear, but rest assured, with the adjustable antenna, the EDUP AC600 provides consistently good performance and great connectivity.


Top 5 WiFi Adapters for Windows 10 PCs


While there is no connectivity loss reported by majority of the users, we have noticed that sometimes, even if there is a slight drop, the downtime is very low and you should be back online in a matter of seconds.

Coming to the installation, the EDUP AC600 is unfortunately not a plug and play device. When you plug it into the Windows 10 PC for the first time, you will see that there are a few drivers that need to be installed in order for it to start working. But once you have put in the time and completed the set up, the EDUP AC600 Wifi Adapter will work like a charm.


Number 5. Inamax AC600 Mini WiFi Adapter.

Finally, we have the Inamax AC600 Mini WiFi Adapter for Windows 10. This is also one of the more underrated options online, but if the ratings are anything to go by, the Inamax AC600 might just surprise you.


Top 5 WiFi Adapters for Windows 10 PCs


The build quality is absolutely robust and can handle your day to day wear and tear. The connectivity is great and offers speed up to 433 Mbps on 5 GHz and 150 Mbps on 2.4 GHz network. Like the Netgear Nighthawk, the overall size of the adapter is a little big, so be careful while choosing the USB port to plug into.

Overall, the Inamax AC600 Mini is a great option for a Windows 10 Wifi Adapter, and is a must buy if you expecting some rough use over time.

These are the Top 5 WiFi Adapters you can buy for your Windows 10 PCs.