The origin story of Telegram Messenger
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The origin story of Telegram Messenger

Currently, Telegram is based in the United Arab Emirates.

Coming to the features, Telegram is a treasure trove of features, but the most notable ones are as follows –

  1. Telegram accounts are set up using mobile numbers and multiple accounts can be made. The best part is that if you wish to leave the platform, you can even do it one account at a time.
  2. The messages sent on Telegram are saved on a cloud server. This means that you can access your messages at any time on any platform.
  3. You can send text messages, images, or even documents up to 1.5GB in size.
  4. Messages can be sent in groups that can hold up to 200,000 members.
  5. Telegram also features bots that help you automate tasks within Telegram.
  6. Telegram also features channels that are essentially one-way message boards talking about various topics.

Telegram is available for free download on iOS and Android. The download links are given below.

Telegram for Android – Click Here

Telegram for iOS – Click Here