SleekFlow Announces 5x Revenue Surge in the UAE and Unveils SleekFlow 2.0 at GITEX 2023

SleekFlow has recently achieved remarkable success with its innovative SleekFlow AI for customer engagement, integrating GPT-4 technology. SleekFlow’s FAQ Chatbot (Beta) is trained with a brand-specialized knowledge base, providing reliable automated answers within its area of expertise. The AI is also planned to qualify complex leads, with human agents personalizing responses to build long-term relationships and trust at scale.

Global Expansion and Future Endeavors

Beyond the UAE, SleekFlow has expanded to four global markets, witnessing a remarkable 250% increase in revenue over the past year, establishing itself as a leader in the social commerce industry. The company aims to scale AI Sales & Support features and explore AI-powered marketing tools to stay ahead in the dynamic world of AI technology.

Commitment to the UAE Market