As more and more companies release apps and more people use them on their phones on a regular basis, it is highly important that they are secure. However, while many companies prioritize their website security, often the apps are playing second fiddle. This is a major problem which can end up resulting in significant security breaches. Application security involves developing, testing, and inserting important security components into applications. This will help to prevent the code or data in the application from getting compromised or stolen entirely. There are plenty of different forms of application security out there – including hardware, software, and the general practices that constitute a solid security routine. Here are just a few reasons why application security needs to be prioritized.

Secure Sensitive Information in the App

Application security – using a system like Devsecops – will help to prevent potential breaches which are currently possible on a host of apps. In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of apps have security issues of some description. Around 20% are estimated to have a high severity flaw. With such stark figures, it is clear that security is still not at the forefront of many developer’s minds. As an app becomes more popular and is used by a wider audience, it becomes more acceptable in the mind of the consumer to enter sensitive information into the app.  If you run a business, you need to offer the reassurance to your customers that crucial data will not be sent to third-parties. When payment information is put in, it should be completely safe and secure – it would represent a highly significant breach if any such information is lost.

Boost Consumer Trust and Business Reputation

In a world in which more and more money is being spent online, it makes sense that you do everything you can to boost consumer trust. If a big security breach occurs through your app, it is inevitable that these trust levels are going to deplete. As a result, your whole business reputation will be put at risk. Obviously, the best course of action is to prevent security issues from occurring in the first place. If this is not possible, you need to try and identify where they are coming from to ensure that they can be closed off at the earliest possible opportunity. If you make security a number one priority, it is much more likely that you will be able to boost your consumer base, as well customer loyalty and business reputation at the same time. If you are in the business of app development and you create products that have security risks, this is inevitably going to harm your reputation and your company will suffer as a result.

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Prevent Potential Attacks

Hackers are looking to target both businesses large and small these days. In fact, it is often the smaller business that are looked at first. This is down to the fact that it is perceived that they will have fewer security measures in place and will be easier to breach as a result. By making application security a priority, you can help to prevent potential attacks at their source. When security is integrated into your system at a development level, security tools are easier to use and can streamline workflow and simplify processes. Plus, it will be much more straightforward when you need to conduct compliance audits.

Save Time and Money

The elements of time and money are integral to the success or failure of a business. If your company suffers a significant security breach, it is inevitable that both of these elements will be at risk. So, putting in place proper security measures now can significantly help in this regard. Also, if you put them in at an early stage, it also means that the applications do not have to be redeveloped to include them in the future. If this takes place, it can end up meaning that your business operations are less continuous or reliable. In the modern world of commerce, people expect that businesses are constantly ‘on’ and are more likely to shift over to a competitor if you are not careful. Similarly, if you are an app developer and you have to spend time going back and revamping apps that are not secure, this is inevitably going to cause a monetary hit to your company.

For the reasons above and plenty more, it is highly important that you put application security at the forefront of your mind – whether you are a business owner or a developer. With many hackers out there looking to get their hands on sensitive information and data, it makes sense that you try to close the door on them in any way that you can. Security measures need to be robust – no matter whether the application serves a large audience or just a small number of people.