We visit multiple websites on the internet on a daily basis. Some of these websites may require you to login, to access the content, while some websites maybe transaction based, thereby requiring you to enter sensitive information such as your debit or credit card details.

In the past, the individual had to remember each of these login items and other credentials, as saving it on the computer or Mac was not so secure. However, the Mac now features a virtual safe, that is password protected and encrypted, to store all the passwords and details safely. Whats more, this feature, known as the keychain, also allows you to autofill the password and even debit card details, whenever required.

Now, if you are not convinced with this feature, and do not want your Mac to store the passwords and payment credentials, you can easily turn off the keychain feature.

The process is short, and in this tutorial, we are going to walk you through the same.

Step 1. Open the ‘System Preferencesapplication on the Mac.


How to turn off keychain on the Mac


Step 2. Click on the ‘Apple IDbutton near the profile name at the top of the system preferences window.


How to turn off keychain on the Mac


Step 3. One the left hand side pane, click on the ‘iCloud‘ tab.


How to turn off keychain on the Mac


Step 4. Scroll through the list and uncheck the box next to the ‘Keychain‘ option.


How to turn off keychain on the Mac


Once you confirm the operation, the keychain feature will be switched off, and you will no longer be able to store your passwords and other secure credentials on the iCloud server.

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Obviously, Apple does vouch for the security of this feature, which is why many users are actively using this feature for their day to day use.

There are many other third party applications that offer these features, but it is recommended that you do a detailed background check on these applications before deciding to use one of them. Personally, if you do need this vault sort of feature to store your credentials, you can simply go for the built in iCloud Keychain.