How to take a break from someone on Facebook

Facebook has been evolving as a social media platform and with the dawn of artificial intelligence, the algorithm has been decked up with some really cool features. Recently, the issue of mental health was being highlighted around the world and it is very important that people who use social media understand that it is not the end of the world and the best thing to do after facing a painful experience is to move on.

Events like online fights, misunderstandings, arguments and even breakups can lead to many unforeseen eventualities and to put a stop to this dangerous phase, Facebook recently rolled out a feature that they call ‘Take a break’. Let’s first understand how this works.

Suppose you get into a fight with a close friend on Facebook, and the matter boils up to an extent that you do not want to talk to the other person for some time , or maybe you want to stay away from the particular person for a temporary phase before reconnecting with them. In the past, the only solution you had was to either block the said person, or deactivate your own account and when you feel like it, sign back in and resume as you were.

While these options are still available, Facebook’s ‘Take a Break‘ alternative makes a lot more sense. When you indicate to Facebook that you want to take a break from the particular person, the algorithm will ensure that you stop receiving or seeing any updates from the particular contact. Whenever you are ready to get back in touch or whenever you have moved on from the person, you can deactivate the break and continue as you were if you wish.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can use the ‘Take a break’ feature on Facebook.

Open the web browser on your PC.
In the URL bar, type in www.facebook.com.