The trackpad on a Macbook is a serious piece of innovative hardware, as it allows users to interact with various elements on the macOS GUI, and the support for multi finger based gestures, just takes things to another level, not to mention how insanely big in size the trackpad actually is. One of the things that you might notice on the get-go, is that you will not be able to select an element on the screen, by single tapping on the trackpad. This is a gesture that is available on almost all laptops, and it seems odd that it was omitted from a device as premium as a MacBook, right?

Well, Apple has definitely not omitted this gesture, but has simply kept it turned off. If you like the tap to click feature, and want to use the same on your MacBook, there is a very easy way to access it and enable it, and in this tutorial, we will show you exactly how you can get it done.

Step 1. Open the ‘System Preferencesapplication on your MacBook device.


How to enable the tap to click feature on a MacBook


Step 2. Scroll through the various tabs and click on the Trackpad option. This will allow you to view and change certain features of the built in or attached Apple trackpad.


How to enable the tap to click feature on a MacBook


Step 3. Now, from the options available, check the box next to the ‘Tap to Click‘ gesture option. You will see a quick video demonstration on how to use the gesture and what the outcome will be on the screen in from of you.

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How to enable the tap to click feature on a MacBook


Close the system preferences and you will see that immediately, the tap to click gesture will be enabled on the MacBook and you can now simply tap on the trackpad to select an item on the desktop.

There are a host of gestures available for the MacBook trackpad and you can enable or disable them based on your preferences. That said, the same gesture also applies to an official Apple magic trackpad that you have attached to your Mac or MacBook.