Gmail Introduces "Voice Compose" Feature for On-the-Go Email Drafting

Gmail Introduces “Voice Compose” Feature for On-the-Go Email Drafting

Duet AI's "Help me write" Tool Gets a Voice Compose Expansion, Simplifying Email Composition

Furthermore, signs suggest that Duet AI’s “Help me write” capability may receive a minor redesign regarding how it is accessed. Previously, this tool was launched from an icon located at the bottom-right corner of the compose screen. However, it appears that this icon, now resembling a pen with a sparkle, has been relocated to a more prominent position at the top of the message window, alongside familiar buttons for attachments, sending, and an overflow menu. This adjustment aligns “Help me write” with Gmail’s standard layout.

If your email message is blank, tapping “Help me write” will provide a prompt or suggestion for your message. However, if you have already begun composing, it will display a “Refine my message” menu, offering options like “Formalize,” “Elaborate,” “Shorten,” and “Write a draft,” which returns to the initial prompt field.