Secure Network

Meaning – The term secure network, refers to a set of nodes that are controlled by a single administrative party. It also refers to any home, business, school, or another network with security measures in place that help protect it from outside attackers. Of course, there is no such thing as an entirely secure network. Once a computer or other device on the same network connects to the Internet, it immediately becomes vulnerable to attacks. However, taking the proper steps helps keep a network secure.

After a security vulnerability is discovered for any device, updates are released to fix those vulnerabilities. Consequently, if your computer or device is not updated, it may be susceptible to said vulnerabilities, especially if they are released to the public.

Example of usage“A network is usually breached from a user’s computer, after infection by malware or a virus that facilitates malicious third-party access to the network. Keeping each of the computers guarded with an antivirus and malware protection helps prevent these types of attacks.”