Remote Host

Meaning – The term remote host, refers to any host on a network except the host at which a particular operator is working.

Remote hosting is a method by which software applications, databases, and files are housed on servers in data centers rather than directly on users’ PCs or laptops. When a user wishes to run an application or access files, they securely log in to the remote server via the Cloud and then access their software or data.

Hosted solutions also enable levels of security often not found with traditional IT systems. By physically storing and maintaining software and data in offsite data centers, businesses can minimize the risks inherent in storing data on traditional devices such as desktops and local servers.

Example of usage“A computer that resides in some distant location from which data are retrieved. It typically refers to a server in a private network or the public Internet. However, it can also refer to a user’s PC in another location that is accessed over the Internet for file transfer or remote control operation.”