Meaning – The term reachability, refers to the ability of a node or a resource to communicate with another node or resource.

Variants of the reachability problem may result from additional constraints on the initial or final states, a specific requirement for reachability paths as well as for iterative reachability, or changing the questions into the analysis of winning strategies in infinite games or unavoidability of some dynamics.

Sophisticated quantitative and qualitative properties can often be reduced to basic reachability questions. Decidability and complexity boundaries, algorithmic solutions, and efficient heuristics are all important aspects to be considered in this context.

Example of usageReachability is the ability of the CA eHealth poller to communicate with the device that contains an element. To be reachable, a device must respond to ICMP pings. On each poll of the device, the CAeHealth poller indicates to Live Exceptions whether a device is reachable.”