Rated throughput

Meaning – The term rated throughput, refers to the rate at which all of the offered frames are forwarded by the device.

Throughput refers to how much data can be transferred from one location to another in a given amount of time. It is used to measure the performance of hard drives and RAM, as well as Internet and network connections.

The throughput of a communication system may be affected by various factors, including the limitations of the underlying analog physical medium, the available processing power of the system components, and end-user behavior.

It may be noted that the maximum throughput of a device or network may be significantly higher than the actual throughput achieved in everyday use.

Example of usage“A hard drive that has a maximum transfer rate of 100 Mbps has twice the throughput of a drive that can only transfer data at 50 Mbps. Similarly, a 54 Mbps wireless connection has roughly 5 times as much throughput as an 11 Mbps connection.”