Meaning – The term ramp, refers to a computer software application developed by WS Atkins specifically for the assessment of the reliability, availability, maintainability and productivity characteristics of complex systems that would otherwise prove too difficult, cost too much, or take too long to study analytically. The name RAMP is an acronym standing for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Process systems.

RAMP models availability using logistic repair delays caused by shortages of spare parts or manpower, and their associated resource conditions defined for system elements. RAMP models maintainability using repair probability distributions for system elements, as well as preventive maintenance data and fixed logistic delays between failure detection and repair commencement.

Example of usage“RAMP allows the user to define deterministic elements which are failure-free and/or are unrepairable. These elements may be used to represent parameters of the process or where necessary for the modeling logic.”