Professional Office Systems

Meaning – The term professional office systems, refer to the office vision range of products introduced by IBM that primarily ran on IBM’s VM operating system and its user interface CMS.

Other platform versions were available, notably OV/MVS and OV/400. OfficeVision provided e-mail, shared calendars, and shared document storage and management, and it provides the ability to integrate word processing applications such as Displaywrite/370 and/or the Document Composition Facility (DCF/SCRIPT). IBM introduced OfficeVision in their May 1989 announcement, followed by several other key releases later.

IBM discontinued support of OfficeVision/VM as of October 6, 2003. IBM recommended that it’s OfficeVision/VM customers migrate to Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino environments, and IBM offered migration tools and services to assist.

Example of usage“OfficeVision/VM was originally named PROFS (for PRofessional Office System) and was initially made available in 1981. Before that, it was a PRPQ (Programming Request for Price Quotation), an IBM administrative term for non-standard software offerings with unique features, support, and pricing.”