Meaning – The term post, refers to the action required to make a pop-up or pull-down menu appear. This action is normally a click or a button press on one of the mouse buttons.

The term post also stands for power-on self-test, which is a series of system checks run by computers and other electronic devices when they are turned on. The results of the test may be displayed on a screen, output through flashing LEDs, or simply recorded internally.

Both Macs and Windows PCs run a POST each time the computer is booted up or restarted. The scan checks the hardware and makes sure the processor, RAM, and storage devices are all functioning correctly.

In some cases, the computer screen may not even turn on before POST errors take place. If this happens, error codes may be output through flashing LED lights or audible tones.

Example of usage“If an error is encountered during the POST, the startup process may pause or halt completely and the error may be displayed on the monitor.”