Pervasive computing

Meaning – The term pervasive computing, refers to the use of a computing infrastructure that supports information appliances from which users can access a broad range of network-based services, including Internet-based e-commerce services. Pervasive computing thus provides users with the ability to access and take action on information conveniently.

Pervasive Computing is also called Ubiquitous computing, and it is the new trend toward embedding everyday objects with microprocessors so that they can communicate information. It refers to the presence of computers in common objects found all around us so that people are unaware of their presence.

Pervasive computing is the next dimension of personal computing in the near future, and it will definitely change and improve our work environment and communication methods.

Example of usage“Pervasive computing will provide us with small portable personal assistant devices having high speed, wireless communication, lower power consumption rate, data storage in persistent memory, coin-sized disk device, small color display video and speech processing technology.”