Meaning – The term partition, refers to a section of a storage device, such as a hard diskdisk drive or solid-state drive. It is treated by the operating system as a separate logical volume, which makes it function similar to a separate physical device.

A storage device may be formatted with one or more partitions. Some operating systems, such as Windows and Linux require multiple partitions, while others like macOS may only require one.

Partitioning a disk can make it easier to organize files, such as video and photo libraries, especially if you have a large hard drive. Creating a separate partition for your system files (the startup disk) can also help protect system data from corruption since each partition has its own file system.

Example of usage“Older operating systems only allowed you to partition a disk during the formatting or reformatting process. This meant you would have to reformat a hard drive (and erase all of your data) to change the partition scheme.”