Meaning – The term operation, refers to a service that can be requested at the boundary of an object. Operations include modifying an object or disclosing information about an object.

Generally, an “operation” is moving a piece of information from one place to another – or adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing two numbers.

A computer with a CPU executes instructions, one after the other. Each instruction is usually composed of a few machine cycles. Instruction is generally something that does a simple arithmetic operation, as a simple add or subtracts of operands of a byte or two or four, moving a small number of bytes to or from memory, some kind of program branches like a jump or subroutine call, or a number other very basic operations.

Example of usage“An operation, in mathematics and computer science, is an action that is carried out to accomplish a given task. There are five basic types of computer operations: Inputting, processing, outputting, storing, and controlling.”